Oh, you wanna talk about Mothers…

Gather round boys and girls. Today we're gonna talk about something called "Mind your own damn business and nobody gets hurt." When it comes to being a Mom, you learn really quickly who your friends are.. and better yet, who your enemies are. All of a sudden, you become a target for people to aim... Continue Reading →


4 Months

Oliver is 4 months old now! What the heck, man. One moment this kid's lying in my arms, the size of a tiny football... the next he's this butterball who will stare you down with an attitude comparable to Miranda Priestly. I cannot understand or express the incredulous scale that my heart now measures to.... Continue Reading →

Quarter of a year

My baby is now 3 months old. It feels like a lifetime ago since we brought him home from the hospital. A lifetime ago and yet he seemed to grow up in the blink of an eye. When did he change from a little bean staring at lights to this small boy who makes eye... Continue Reading →

Be humble or be humbled.

There's no denying I can be one arrogant piece of work sometimes. There are times when I have the pride of a lion and the self-awareness of a 200lb lapdog. I can unintentionally come off as a know-it-all. When I realize that my head doesn't fit through the door frame, I humble myself by remembering... Continue Reading →


Oliver is now officially 2 months old. I haven't had a chance to take his 2-month photo yet because he's been fighting a fever. He received his first set of vaccinations this past Tuesday. The doctor had let us know to expect a fever in the upcoming days and informed us it's normal and to... Continue Reading →

Challenge accepted.

I had mentioned in one of my previous blog posts that I was an ambitious person who constantly chases different career paths. I had also mentioned that I hoped I could replace my desire to bounce from ambition to ambition with a desire directed within motherhood. The problem I've had in the past is that... Continue Reading →

When is baby #2?

When you are single, the question is always "y el novio?" When you're dating, the question is always "when's the wedding?" When you're married, the question is always "when are you having kids?" When you have a kid, the question is always "when is baby #2?" That's where I am so far. I'm sure that... Continue Reading →

It only gets better!

So, I'm in my second week back at work now! Let me tell you.. no amount of preparation can actually prepare you for the first time you leave your baby. I had mentally began to prepare myself since maybe the 3rd week home after giving birth. I psyched myself out.. reminding myself that leaving him... Continue Reading →


There was never a point during my pregnancy where I truly felt unattractive. I may have woken up to a horrible skin day or the occasional morning of puking during the first trimester, but I still had some secret little glimmer of confidence inside telling me I was beautiful. Once I had an actual belly... Continue Reading →

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